bad news

10 11 2007

i broke my thum while i was playing football

well i talk to u guys later, sum thing funny for entertianment

penguin-stack.gifthanx to pezter12 my buddy


new stuff

13 10 2007

heres the new way to decorate your penguin

a6.pngprettty cool huh

he a frod/fake

10 10 2007

pinkmafias’s page is a frod its was a fake to bad i acually thot it was him well sorry

I Met Fano!!!!!!!!!

10 10 2007


Today I Saw Fano In The Iceburg in Mammoth cool

hi guys

29 09 2007

ihave an anncocment

PINKMAFIAS IS BACK!                                   

his new page is

new stuff

22 09 2007

fallfairsneekpeek.jpgpeek of the fair this pic from

bad news

13 09 2007

im going to delete my budd list and start over

list of people staying on:

pezter12    pink mafias  lucaso21   gabe100   angel g8i   mpenguin123   matt maniac  and zander ladd

im doing my whole list over agian